Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been unable to do actual real screen printing cause I’m supposed to avoid all those toxic screen printing chemicals. I guess it’s not good for your unborn child. Uggggh. But because I needed to make some really cute onesies for my soon-to-be rugrat, I figured I’d mcGruber it with Reynold’s Freezer Paper {plastic coated} and some fabric paint. The Reynold’s Freezer Paper was found at my local Ralph’s for under $4.

This is what I did.

First I came up with a design using Word cause I am not skilled or talented enough to design stuff using Photoshop. And yes, I’m really that computer illiterate.


I had my husband make a stencil of my design on the freezer paper using my Silhouette Cameo machine. Make sure the plastic coating is on the bottom.


I then ironed the stencil freezer paper onto my onesies using the dry cotton setting.


I inserted pieces of cardboard in between the onesies so the fabric paint wouldn’t bleed through and then painted onto the stencils.


I ended up using Pebeo fabric paints. I had purchased these at Aaron Brothers.


Depending on the fabric paint you’ve decided to use, I waited 24 hours before peeling off the freezer paper and then ironed the onesies on Dry Cotton setting to fix the image into the onesie so they can now be washed.



While trying to clean up the house, i found these douchebaggery old Rock and Republic jeans that my husband doesn’t really wear…so instead of being focused on cleaning the house, i decided to spend my time cutting them up cause I’ve been jonesing for some boyfriend shorts but can’t bring myself to pay for something that looks like something I can make for myself in like 5 minutes. Hopefully, husband doesn’t notice one of his jeans has gone MIA. Ugggghhh.

So these were the douchey jeans I found in a plastic bag in a closet. I don’t think the husband is gonna miss them.

The first thing I did was lay them on the floor.

I then cut off one leg first.

And then I cut the other leg and achieved this look. I didn’t hem these shorts cause I want it to be all frayed in the wash.

Now I’ve got real boyfriend denim shorts. It’s super comfortable which is soooo my style. The only problem is…the crotch area protrudes…so maybe you shouldn’t spend your 5 minutes doing what i just did to my husband’s jeans. Uggghhh….unless I can talk my husband into wearing these and being a NEVER NUDE. xoxo.

An old pair of denim you no longer like
Fabric scissors

1. Cut the legs of the denim off to the length you want with your fabric scissors.
2. Put your new shorts on and feel free to prance around the house in them.


I recently purchased this Clover flower frill templates so i could make some puffy fabric flowers. I figured they’d be cute for like sooo many things…like decorations or putting them on hats…so anyway, the template is awesome cause for one thing, it’s made in Japan and I LOVE all things Japanese, and secondly, it’s soooo easy to use, an idiot like me was able to figure it out. Anyway, here’s a pic of the fabric flowers i made using white fabric along with some lace fabric.

Clover Frill Templates {Large and Extra Large Sizes}
White cotton fabric
Lace fabric
Fabric scissors

1. Follow the directions on the package.

Oh yeah…side note though…if you’re thinking of making a bunch of these to hang on your ceilings for a party, they take forever to make…so like totally keep that in mind…then again, I might just be really slow which is usually the case. uggghhh…xoxo.


For Valentine’s Day this year, I made my husband a card during my draping class and picked up some chicken wings after class for our dinner. What can I say?  I’m a true romantic at heart.  Ugggghhh…..xoxo.

Colored Pens

1. Cut the paper into a heart shape and use your tape to decorate it. Use your pens to write something somewhat nice.
2. Using another piece of paper, fold it up so it looks like an envelope.
3. Stuff your card into your envelope and present it to your beloved.