While trying to clean up the house, i found these douchebaggery old Rock and Republic jeans that my husband doesn’t really wear…so instead of being focused on cleaning the house, i decided to spend my time cutting them up cause I’ve been jonesing for some boyfriend shorts but can’t bring myself to pay for something that looks like something I can make for myself in like 5 minutes. Hopefully, husband doesn’t notice one of his jeans has gone MIA. Ugggghhh.

So these were the douchey jeans I found in a plastic bag in a closet. I don’t think the husband is gonna miss them.

The first thing I did was lay them on the floor.

I then cut off one leg first.

And then I cut the other leg and achieved this look. I didn’t hem these shorts cause I want it to be all frayed in the wash.

Now I’ve got real boyfriend denim shorts. It’s super comfortable which is soooo my style. The only problem is…the crotch area protrudes…so maybe you shouldn’t spend your 5 minutes doing what i just did to my husband’s jeans. Uggghhh….unless I can talk my husband into wearing these and being a NEVER NUDE. xoxo.

An old pair of denim you no longer like
Fabric scissors

1. Cut the legs of the denim off to the length you want with your fabric scissors.
2. Put your new shorts on and feel free to prance around the house in them.


During dinner last night, I looked at my husband and said, “Tonight. We hook up.” My husband responds, “Yes. That sounds like fun.” And I guess when you’ve been married for almost three years, “hook up” apparently means my husband playing video games all night and me falling asleep while watching Dateline. And then I wonder why I’m not pregnant yet. Ugggghhh…xoxo.